Despite the fears we held inside
We knew there was hope in the horizon
The salty breeze of the sea
Dancing in the waves carelessly
In the ocean we were born
On the plains we grew strong
Climbing mountains we greeted the sun
When we were young…

Despite the tears we held inside
We knew there was joy in the horizon
The high plains and snow peaks
Every stride a step with boldness and will
On the road we kicked the sand
On the mountain we did stand
As we roamed we learned to belong 
When we were one...

Despite the hate we held inside
We knew there was love on the horizon
The treacherous valleys and cliffs
That we embraced with generosity
Giving shelter to those in the cold
Giving hope to those that were sold
Sharing our hope of a future to come 
When we were old...

Despite the sorrow I held inside
When you passed away beyond the horizon
The desert of silence and grief
An oasis for all the future seeds
Creating anew from what was destroyed
Creating new suns where there was a void 
Fostering new dreams to be enjoyed
When you were gone.

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