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Good riddance 2020 and the right to dream in 2021

 Good riddance 2020, go back to the dark shadow.   I didn’t write much for this blog last year but 2021 is here and I thought I'd share a few scattered thoughts and hopes inspired by Eduardo Galeano’s right to dream that he wrote in the turn of the millennium (see the video below). Fair warning: The ideas below will be spilling out as they go and are not fully thought through. The Right to Dream in 2021 In 2021, Covid-19 will evolve into a virus that will heal our battered and exhausted hearts and minds. As a side effect it will wipe out racism, homophobia, transphobia, science and truth denialism among many other ills in our minds Health workers, educators, supermarket check out workers, cleaners, firefighters... they will be hailed as the essential workers and heroes who kept the world safe and spinning when those elected failed, not just this year but for decades Those who looked the other way, who chose to do nothing, who put profit, business and economy above humanity, empathy

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