My name is Iurgi (although, it can also be written as Jurgi). This is my main blog where I publish scribbles, rambles and photos. My life revolves around writing, reading, music, movies…

In my heart I know, I was destined to be born somewhere in Asia, master kung fu and roam the eastern lands helping people, but for some strange reason it didn’t work out.

So I studied media, made some short films and occasionally collaborated with news outlets as a freelancer. Then, since I have always been deeply interested in pedagogy and learning, I completed a Diploma of Education and I worked as a teacher for a few years - which was exhausting but unbelievably rewarding.

Now, I count myself very lucky to be surrounded by books, movies, music, culture, history, art… and working for the community at the library. It took me nearly four decades to figure it out but I’m a librarian and it’s a dream job.

My favourite writers are Tolkien, Le Guin, Poe, Kafka, Orwell, Borges, Murakami as well as the poetry of Artze, Lete, Atxaga, Benedetti and Blas de Otero.

I tend to favour fantasy and non-fiction political or history books but I read a bit of everything. I’m also an avid comic book reader.

Writing and story telling have always been central to my life and I always have lots of projects (that I sometimes manage to finish - go figure!).

I hate being photographed, but if you want to put a face to my words… 

Although I find this image represents me better...

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