You can find some of my writings in the form of zines and books here. Please note, they’re all free to download.

If FREE makes you feel guilty, feel free donate to my PayPal as little or as much as it makes you feel better, but I don’t expect payment. I’m quite happy sharing these writings for free. More zines will be up soon

Notes From an (Un)lucky Country (2020) [Poetry]

Notes From an (Un)lucky Country is fresh and raw, a 32 page zine that collects some of the poems written under the MK Jurgens pen name between 2018 and 2020. At times a visceral response to politics, at times angry and at times hopeful. You can download the 32 page zine for free here

The Chameleon’s Poison (2016) [Poetry]

The Chameleon's Poison blends existential themes with a romantic perspective of the world and life. The book explores the quest for purpose in life, the pitfalls of fear in a world we barely comprehend, our multiple identities, the masks we wear, the need to belong and our imperative need of hope (90 pages, poetry with some narrative mixed in).

You can download free PDF and EPUB versions of the book right here. Yes that’s FREE, totally FREE.

For the PDF version click here.                 For the EPUB version click here.

If you want a print version of the book, The Chameleon’s Poison is also available through various websites (Amazon, Book Depository and Apple iBooks, etc) with varying prices and shipping costs.