Basque Poetry in English - Part 4 - Martxa Baten Lehen Notak

The First Notes of a March written by Artze.

The sun melts down the snow at the high peaks,
And it descends down the slope in a powerful stream.

In ourselves is the sun, the darkness, the ice,
The light that scratches, the heart that melts.

With heart and passion, open hand and arms,
Let’s enlighten ourselves, and see the truth.

Treading each his own path, between all of us
Opening the way for our humanity.

Everyone with ownership over their lives, nobody dominated by other
All people together in one we will have our future.

As long as there's someone hungry we won’t be satisfied
As long as there's someone oppressed we won’t be free.

This poem was turned to song by Mikel Laboa.