I really don't think much about thinking, although I've been told by several 'gurus' across the years that I think too much. Maybe, I don't think that much because I'm inpatient and my thoughts are sometimes not forthcoming. Or it might be that actually thinking about thiking is not an easy task, although, undoubtedly, highly rewarding.

The fact is, if there is anything that we can actually state as fact, that there is one question that I have been asked several times lately: When you think, what language do you use?

Of course this question relates to my trilingualism (that is one ugly word you don't hear often), and it doesn't have an easy answer. Sometimes Basque, sometimes English, and other times, though increasingly less so, Spanish.

My mind, or my thinking, or whatever, wanders from one language to another without notice, nor logic. It's as if, I think in Basque when I think of something, but when I think of something else it's always in English.

It often depends on the language I communicated with the last time. So if I'm speaking English with someone, I'll be thinking in English.

The thing is I switch from one language to another without realising.

"And what about in your dreams?"

Oh, in my dreams I speak many more languages... I'm fluent in old norse, I can communicate myself with the naugrim, and when my dreams are set in a contemporary setting everyone speaks esperanto.