In memory of Ursula K. Le Guin

 No words can ever do her justice... 

One of the greatest writers of the 20th century; perhaps, the greatest. 

An extraordinary and uncompromising writer with the incomparable ability to imbue every word, every paragraph with deep meaning and yet make her writing accessible.

There’s no way I would be half of what I am without Ursula K LeGuin’s books. 

She challenged me, she made me reflect and think, she offered me insights, possibilities, wonders I could never have imagined and rewarded me by opening and expanding my mind and understanding.

She changed everything in literature with her perspective and deep humanity.

She was powerful, uncompromising, a feminist and an anarchist. 

I’d like to think that she’s gone to a better place, perhaps one of those places that she created, or perhaps a new, even better place the Ekumen hasn’t reached yet.

As Neil Gaiman says, her words are written in my soul. She’ll continue to live in us.